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With almost a century of combined experience, we fight like our lives depend on it – and we will fight for you. We’ve sought justice for millions of consumers, and helped more than 100,000 workers get paid their wages and overtime, through class actions and individual advocacy.

If you have a wage, overtime or consumer claim that qualifies, we can help— and you pay zero out of pocket. The law lets us recover attorney’s fees and costs from the offending corporation.

Earn overtime plus commissions or bonuses?

You may be owed an extra overtime “bump” that your employer – and some of the biggest companies in the country – don’t pay correctly, or at all. Employers must factor qualifying commissions, bonuses or incentives into your pay, in order to pay an you extra overtime.

Denied pay for work off the clock?

If you have not been paid for store opening and closing duties, training time, lunch time work, meeting or travel time, timing logging in and out of your shift, cash register counting, time spent on emails, phone calls, texts, and chats, or other work time, your employer (or former employer) may owe you money—it adds up.

Didn’t get what you paid for?

Get paid what you are owed for purchases that don’t come as promised – for defective products, misleading advertising, services that don’t deliver, and more.

Paycheck problems?

Wondering why your paycheck isn’t for more money? Your company may be paying you less than it must. We analyze your paystub to see if you have a claim.

Hit with an Overcharge or Unknown Charge?

Whether it’s charging your credit cards, or selling ads, insurance, or online services or products, corporations wrongly nickel and dime their own customers for millions by charging when they shouldn’t, and by tacking on fees and surcharges that may not be legal. Consumer laws may let you recover.

Personal information misused?

When corporations gather or share your personal information without your consent or while hiding behind an unclear privacy policies, the law may let you recover.

What clients say

– Vicki M.
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“Thank you. Your tremendous efforts, time, attention, smarts, and guidance in our battle have been stunning. You always came through and you served as more than our attorney. You were strategist, a handholder, and a media spokesperson. You went above and beyond repeatedly. We feel the judge’s decision is a great victory. You have done an amazing job for this neighborhood and city.”
– Sylvia R.
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"Thanks to you, Frank, and your law firm, for your dedication in winning important battles in our family's long legal fight to secure justice and restitution.
We needed to be heard; we needed answers; we needed action; we needed a sharp lawyer who could navigate both the law and the frustrating legal system. You had the courage and compassion to take our family's complicated cases.
You sorted through the complications and overcame the long odds against us by working very hard.
If anyone were to come to me asking about a lawyer who can really be trusted, I would suggest they contact you and your firm.”
– Terry L.Former Mayor (case involving an energy facility in NW Wisconsin)
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“Thanks so much for all you accomplished for the City. Your hard work and inspired legal strategy turned a looming misfortune into a remarkable success story.
I highly recommend your firm for anyone in a tough legal fight.”
– Clean Air MadisonAir Quality Case
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"Clean Air Madison was expertly and exquisitely represented by Frank Jablonski of Progressive Law Group. Frank helped us take on big industry. He made it affordable for a grass roots organization to play and WIN against a large company with unlimited resources. Frank's passion for protecting the kids in our neighborhood and the environment, along with his legal prowess and attention to detail on all fronts was amazing. This was a scary process for many of us to go through and Frank was there with kind reassurances at every step. He is an outstanding attorney with a huge knowledge base. Frank is also a stunning writer which made his briefs a work of art. And along with his expert analysis and assessment of what needed to be done on the legal front he was there to help guide us through many other areas as well, like dealing with the media and public relations matters. He's a great strategist. We are extremely grateful to him for the hard work and dedication which he put forth on our behalf. Frank's energy and smarts gave Clean Air Madison a victory over a bigtime polluter. We are eternally grateful to him."
– Einar T.Air Quality Case
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“I knew I needed the best legal help I could get. As a former lawyer, I chose Frank Jablonski and his firm to represent my business because he is smart, ethical, and effective. I also knew he would have the toughness and stamina needed to take on a big company with their armies of lawyers and aggressive tactics. After defeating several attempts to get my case thrown out of court, we were able to get the result we needed. When you take on an elephant you need the right caliber of lawyer. You need Frank Jablonski.”
– Barb and Jim N.Small Business Owner in Wisconsin
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“We would recommend you to anyone.”
– Steve L. Commercial Litigation
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“We had gotten ourselves into a bad business situation where we were looking at possibly having to pay out most of what we own to cover the debts of a business we owned with a couple of other people. We brought our situation to Frank, and when we couldn’t work our way out of the mess by negotiating with the other owners, he brought a lawsuit for us.
Things got very tough but Frank would just not let us lose. Because he just kept looking for a way to win, and refusing to give up, we were finally able to work a way out of that mess we got into, and we owe it to him. He was great. He always called back, and he always let us know what was going on. We don’t think you can do better.”
– Citizens for a Safe Environment
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“We are a group of five families living west of Watertown, Wisconsin, site of the July 19th, 2005 tire fire, a disaster visible from satellites in space.
With government agencies refusing to act, we had come to the point where we felt like we had to look at legal action against Watertown Tire Recyclers to get this business into compliance and to not be a danger to the public.
One of our members contacted Frank Jablonski of Progressive Law Group LLC. With Frank’s guidance and assistance we were able to form what became a small but strong group. With Frank as our attorney we went up against an established business, the Wisconsin DNR and local government. Frank helped us get organized, he kept us on track, he walked us through everything we needed to do, he encouraged us to do things we never imagined ourselves doing.
Ultimately the fire - a potential disaster that we specifically warned about in our lawsuit - occurred, changing our original goal. With Frank’s help we were able to become a “player” in a wider legal process that resulted in a plan requiring Watertown Tire Recyclers to cut its operations, pay local first responders, and eventually, shut down. Many thanks to Frank and his law firm for all his hard work, guidance and encouragement.”

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